To Seek is to Hide

In Spanish the word for “without”

Is “sin”

I find that extremely appropriate

On a couple levels

There’s nothing “out there”

And you’re missing nothing

In here

So what are you looking for?

You can’t seek to know

What you already know

And what is there is there

Regardless of whether you know about it or not

You can uncover

You can remember

You can peel back the skin

Look within

But you are still not without

You are not without connection

You are bonded, branded

Human and inextricably linked

Whether you try or not

Whether you care or not

Whether you hide & seek

That illusive truth

That so often

That slips

Between the glass

Where snakes and spiders crawl

In in the night


First there was that

And now there is this

It’s an open and shut

Case of doors vs. windows

You either are

Or you aren’t

But even then you still are

Whether you realize it or not

Whether you like it or not

Whether you choose to




You cannot find something

That was never lost

Not to mention, you couldn’t lose it

If you tried

You can never be lost

You can never be alone

You can never be separate

Whether you feel it or not

There isn’t anything

You can do

Or say or be or believe or

Win or lose or fail or hate

Or love

In order to be more connected

To be closer to G-d or nature or

To be enlightened or enslaved

Or to be whatever it is

You aspire to be

Except to


That you are





No matter what you eat

No matter how you pray

No matter who you hurt

No matter when

No matter why

Because knowing is all that matters


Take all the time you need with this

Most of us remember slowly

Bit by bit

Like peeling layers of an onion

But what a tearful process

That is!

And not nearly as expeditious as knowing.

So, let’s keep it simple.

You can spend your whole life

uncovering, revealing;

having little epiphanies

and big cathartic awakenings.

But how do you get back

To those fleeting moments

Of bliss?

How do you keep

Your equanimity?

Why not surrender

to the fact

that you already know

everything there is to know?

As a teenager you always suspected it.

As an adult, you gained experience

and with it humility.

Why don’t you just take your know-it-all self,

your innocent child-like self and

your experienced self and run with it?


Your wise, old self

Will thank you for it.

You know?

Make my day