Chapter 2 – In the Cellar

Persian rugs

Under fishnet canopy

Fallen nose of golden Russian

Perfect frame

Splintered glass

Face beneath unscathed

Red wrinkled satin

Bloody blue baby

Black light showering inhabitant

With glowy shine

Insanity divine

Torturous tools of terror

Shock beholder

Wine jug shavings quench

The parched pallet

Separate the pain

From the portrait

Conquer reality please

Illuminate the line to freedom

From liberation

Desecration of virtue

Land of the freak

Home of the bravest

From flea to itchy-scratch flea

Parasites spread plague

While nasty politicians

And Christians crucify

The meek and the saved

Ashes to ashes

Trust versus inevitable suicidal rust

Each of us appears the same

When all that remains

Is dust to dust

Make my day