Canaan’s Destiny

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These circles
We run in
The lies
We tell ourselves
About how much we know
The rumors
We spread
On the wings of success
Greedy for more
An ointment
For our festering happiness
The angry boil
On the skin of vicissitude
Suffering the tonic
Of unfamiliar territory
To squeeze the puss
Out of plenty.

We lance our wounds
To create space
For pain to reside
When we find
Not enough
In everything
Everything we dreamed
We dreamed into reality
Until reality
Becomes double rainbows
On a weekly basis
A fact we could hardly believe
Much less abide
We traded skins
For something less offensive
And more sustainable
Than bliss.

We’re used to this
It’s easier to bleed
It’s easier to seek
Than to find
To fill the hole
To gouge it open
Yet again
And bleed
Than to be still
Be whole.

How long did it last
The last time
You were fulfilled
Before the itch
And you scratched it rosy pink?

Rosy pink were your cheeks then
With the passion
Of a new conquest
Now THIS is living!

Until your flesh fevered
By desire
And insatiable appetite
Aroused you
Moved you
To action
To excess.

In all the ways
We know
We know how to
Inoculate a smile
With infection
To sit with decay
In the stench of it
Half crazy from the reeking havoc
On our senses
We wait
But not for will
To be rewarded
By the bloom
That so easily dies
Despite our dedication
And without our trying.

These circles.

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4 comments to “Canaan’s Destiny”
4 comments to “Canaan’s Destiny”

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