Hell if I Know by Kevin Fortier

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A little boy of three, Looks up at me
Yes he is my son, and he thinks I have the answers to everything
Daddy why are giraffes neck so long.
Hell if I know, I said to myself, and then went on to give him some BS story about how the giraffes is an animal that looks out for other animals and the long neck lets him see danger coming from far away.
Maybe I should have said, “Hell if I know”

I remember when I was back in school
I’d study all week because I knew it was coming
That teacher wanted to make sure I wasn’t just trying to coast bye in her class
Question after question she kept asking me, and to my amazement, I knew the answers
I should have got her off my back and just said, “Hell if I know”

I had a job, and because I did it pretty good they put me in charge
Day after day, week after week, I’m asked to solve problems
If I didn’t have the answer, I had to find it.
One week I should have taken a vacation
Hell if I know what happened, I just didn’t give a shit about anything
I played dumb all week, and when asked a question, I’d reply
“Hell if I know”
A week later I receive my pay check
And where the dollar figure is written in
I read
“Hell if I know”

2 comments to “Hell if I Know by Kevin Fortier”
2 comments to “Hell if I Know by Kevin Fortier”

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