You’re Still the Last

You’re still the last
I think about
Before I go to sleep
To sleep and dream
I do
Of you/I am
But I don’t miss you
Any more
I don’t miss you any more
Than I miss the rain
And you really can’t miss rain
Can you
I mean, really
It’s a one-sided relationship
Isn’t it?
With rain
Can’t even keep a date
Much less arrive on time

I count on other things now
Like fingers and toes
The only things we really can
Count on
Because we can never know for sure
If the sun will rise again tomorrow
Or if we will be awake to see it

You were right of course
It is better to be a (l)one
It’s quiet there with room for bird sounds
And crickets
River water
White noise behind the silence
G-d I love the sound of water
It sounds like . . . change
More subtle than wind
But more dramatic… lasting
Somehow more peaceful

The sound of moving water is the
Sound air makes when it is being
Created through friction
Or something
Like That
Anyway, I
Still think of you
But I don’t miss you

Because now I have space for you
I haven’t made that space for you
But I’m holding it
Or I am it
But not quite.

What I am doing is taking back time
To stop and open
Allowing it to fill
Me all the way up
With the emptiness
What a dance, darling!

When we feel there is no other
There can never be another

This is my promise to you
That I will always be
To that

And in my fidelity
I find you
Profoundly more attractive
Than any other

I find myself
Forsaking the many
For the one

4 comments to “You’re Still the Last”
4 comments to “You’re Still the Last”
  1. Yes, we can miss the rain. And the snow and ice and wind. They are needed contrast. They make those beautiful blue sky mornings pop. Thank you big black cloud friends.

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