Secret Beach

A blanket, a beer, a bonfire

What more could you ask?

How about an egg salad sandwich

How about a clear night

A half moon

Reflecting on the water

Watching a little snake

Coil itself up on a branch

Above the flames

A frog making a chair out

Of the top of your shoe

Some good company

Under the canopy

A night so dark

It’s impossible to know

Where the stars end

And the fireflies begin

A walk n’ talk

A quiet place

Where new and exciting

Meets fear

But never becomes acquainted

And the deepest bond is formed

Between sand and toes

Playa Secreta

Playa Secreta

4 comments to “Secret Beach”
4 comments to “Secret Beach”
    • It is! But you know, Wayne. I think you would be surprised to actually see the town where I live. It’s not like the travel brochures and it’s definitely NOT your average beach! As we know, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. 😉

      • “Down home” is a good thing. I noticed the driftwood on the beach. You’d think, with the volcano nearby, there would be some nice black sand. Shows how much I know.

  1. The black sand is there! it’s on the other side. So soft but firm enough to walk and practice sun salutations. In other words, perfect. 😉

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