Arise to Greet the Golden Dawn

The white lace of her gown

Billowed up in the breeze

Tracing her outline

In stark contrast

To the sheets

Where she lay the night before

She wed him to the curtains

awoke this morning

To a pillowy yawn

Unstifleable blue

The smell of birthday cake

On bare legs

Clouds in morning commute

Overheard to speak

of a tender transience

More solid than real

We are profound

Original lovers

discovering staggering secrets

Everyone knows

The Canon

Her dress now

the size of mountains

Ephemeral in the palm

of your golden fronds

Palm of your hands

Hand over your heart

In the mist

In the midst of new love’s comfort

Your arms the ghostly aspiration

Dissipating into the light


2 comments to “Arise to Greet the Golden Dawn”
2 comments to “Arise to Greet the Golden Dawn”

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