Flight Patterns of a Migratory House-Sitter

Speaking of Bird Calls

If you’re into identifying bird calls, this book is for you! It’s called “Bird Songs–250 North American Birds in Song” (by Les Beletsky with audio from Cornell lab of Ornithology no less. I used it to identify what sounded like the far away bark of a dog. Turns out it was a baby American White Penguin, “imploring” its parents to bring it food. I heard that, recorded it and sent it to my friend thinking it might be one of the many new species of frogs I’m also hearing. It’s a lush tropical fairy tale written by magnolia, live oak and Spanish moss-draped-canopy over-hanging driveways and uneven brick paths to the house. There’s a koi pond between the woods and a lake on the other side of that which I can’t see, but I can hear water birds. Apparently.

You could spend all day doing that or identifying the native species of flower, bush and tree all growing cooperatively alongside one another. Or ponder the unanswerable questions. For example, do you suppose the trees judge the grasses for the comparatively shallow depth of their roots? Or, is it possible the grass loves the earth more than the trees?

Speaking of Bird House Designs

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