You too can have it all

It isn’t that I need guidance

Or advice

It isn’t knowledge I seek

It isn’t power

Or fame or money

I’m not looking for more time

Or better health

Or wisdom

Because I had it all already

and moreover

each day I find more

by forsaking the many

for the one

To be

Within that space

Where the unknown beckons


Better to say

I want to be me

All the way

Because once I told you I loved you

More than anyone

I’d ever been capable of loving


That my capacity for loving you

Had grown beyond the boundaries

You didn’t know existed


And then I latched on

For dear life

As if you were the only one

Capable of receiving that love

But your cup was already full

I had nothing to offer you

Love was not a gift you

Were lacking


So, you know what I did?

I tried to break you

In little ways

Every day

So that MY love

Could heal the wounds

You never had before


And you know what you did?

You let me

Because it was something new

Because pain and pleasure

Were both feelings to be had

And both were better

Than feeling nothing at all


The nothingness

Is the hinge isn’t it?

It’s not so much the being

Alone or even the occasional

Loneliness so much as

How we feel

When we have the space

To experience

The acreage

Of a single blade of grass

Or the surprised joy of a new leaf bud

Or the sheer ecstasy of ripening fruit

Before our eyes

Don’t even get me started on the taste!


The feeling that

We’re not alone


Makes us wonder

Where the others

Of us are


The profound sense

Of well-being, freedom, safety, comfort


That all-encompassing, passionately tender

Eternal embrace

That we try to recreate

With each other

When we finally open our eyes

Enter the world

And find each other

In everything

We touch



6 comments to “You too can have it all”
6 comments to “You too can have it all”

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