Poem for a flower

I’m going to look at you now

And write a poem

You’re beautiful, no question

But so were all the others

Something just makes me want

To keep/you in my sights

I want to look at you long/after

I’ve bored with them

You’re not as bright

You’re certainly not as colorful

Or complicated or accomplished so..

What is it?

What makes you so…

Wait a minute

I recognize you

I’ve seen you before

How could I have missed it

You’re exactly the same

Under all those layers of

Intricacy and experience

You look amazing really

You haven’t changed a bit

Yet here you are 20 years later

And I can’t take my eyes off you

I swear you glow with this light

From within, and wow


So, how’ve you been

It’s so nice to see you again

You know, someone reminded

Me of you just the other day

He said, “You’ll end up right back where

You started and then you’ll know.”

I thought I knew then.

I wonder what I’ll know tomorrow

Or 20 more years from now

Great to see you, really

And hey, by the way

That pattern becomes you

2 comments to “Poem for a flower”
2 comments to “Poem for a flower”

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