Just another day in paradise

My faith and courage are being tested every day. The passing of time is the only thing I can really count on happening with any regularity. That and the rain. And that the sun will come up again tomorrow. And that this is probably the moment where most people start drinking.

situación precaria

situación precaria

6 comments to “Just another day in paradise”
6 comments to “Just another day in paradise”
  1. We are fragile, little thin-skinned beings. Even insects have more to protect them.
    They hardly give a care, as they go about their tasks.
    We complain and cry, we are unhappy and dont really know why.
    The beetle carries on, even when all it has to eat is shit.
    We want gluten-free life, so we don’t have to feel the actuality of “it”.
    Bees work, arduously, not in anticipation of a day or a weekend free.
    But if we don’t get a break at 10:30, for a smoke or a coffee?
    Well…it’s just so unfair.

    Not red in tooth and claw are we, not even fit to roam the forest at night, not ever to burn more brightly than our meager lamps allow.
    A cockroach and his kin will be kings the day after tomorrow, the same as it was in a carboniferous age they remember, in some ancient memory.
    Like little pink things that wriggle in fur-lined nests, we are so soft and oh so very weak.
    But evolution offers a way to change, to toughen up and be free outside the cage.
    We can become strong, in the face of opposition we can flourish.
    Join us, join the great We.
    Grow a hard shell. Be tarantula, be wasp, be armored.
    Be chitinous and harsh, when you need to be.
    Precarious? Hilarious! We’ll see…
    Rest assured that when the wind blows, you will feel free.

    And unless you are a dung beetle, don’t accept any shit.

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