I have the Power! Pt. 3 of 3

I knew them all

Just like you did

In a previous existence

When warrior princesses

Rode three-headed serpent tigers

Virgins were sacrificed

To dragons or cyclopes

And the owl was always

The wise one

Whether it was made of gold

Or drawn in Pooh

Hannah-Barbera-ed into a state of

Of jazzy instrumentals, cool cats, legendary quests, life after earth consciousness

Neither He or She

Could contend with

I never ate Tasmanian-deviled eggs

Christmased into a Charlie

Brown out summer of ’96 was it?

Second verse now

Same as the first


In the Chinese jump-rope

Relay race of a life

That flashes

Gorton’s fisherman style

Connect four

30-second increments

Sink the battleship

Our house of cards

Stacked higher than

The proverbial bean

Stalked by a jolly green

Giant of a golden egg laying

Wild goose chased

The moon from your musical chair

Without the aid of anyone in the village

The bread was baked

Before the sky fell

Purple haze from the neighbors

Nope, you only have one self

Only one self to rely on

Despite what you’ve been told

You only have one super power


Master it, then you can say,

“By the power of Grayskull.

I have the POWAH!”

One comment to “I have the Power! Pt. 3 of 3”
One comment to “I have the Power! Pt. 3 of 3”
  1. Never mind that whole bit about the lightning and the sword. Bit over the top don’t you think? And btw, just how is any man supposed to measure up after being brought up on first the animated and then the “real-life” version of He-Man/Hercules??? Thanks, television! Bok! Bok!

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