Death is a ride at Six Flags

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It goes way up where you can see

Where you can see why

Why how no longer matters

How your mother’s breath on your

Cheek as she kissed you

Awake in the morning

Erased everything

How as a child you slept in

You slept in to suffering and wept away

Wept away your sadness with joy

With joy we move up

We grow up from curiosity

From curiosity to our grown

Selves we get lost

We get lost and then

And then we get found again

This is death.


Regress to innocence

Return to that place

That place where it tickles so much

You beg to stop

You beg to stop then ask for more

Giggle so hard

You’re sure you’ll lose consciousness

Or until your face feels like it just might stick

It just might stick that way permanently

the way mother always said it would

or until you feel like you just did 100 sit-ups without stopping

without stopping you just can’t do one more

Then let out one last long

Satisfied sigh.

This is death.

You want it like you want to go on that ride again and again

Like when you were five and your uncle swung you around and around

And you were so far out of your mind you screamed for more – Do it AGAIN!

This is death.


Little deaths

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2 comments to “Death is a ride at Six Flags”
2 comments to “Death is a ride at Six Flags”

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