“A Beautiful Commodity”

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Hedging my bet

On a mis(s)-managed mutual

Fund/ing molasses

futures out

The overflow

Your scales weigh deeply

in the pond of my shine

A terciopelo tri-fecta

Occipital defect

A rare vintage like

We like our meat

So tender and juicy it melts in your

Word of mouth advertising

A testimonial for bliss

And dietary fitness

With clean clasped hands

Let us pray

All at once

Upon a time

You sat with me on a park bench among the trees and stars and waited and watched

For the morpho show

And I put it on for you/like crazy

Dancing birds, mating pairs

Of wings and other things you spoke of until I disagreed

Coupled up, papered up

In our master planned community development

We sustained our fatal injuries

Entered them in the logbook as was proper protocol

Shored up, nest eggs intact

Gauges in the green

Rotate, gear up

You said this is our last chance

To get it right

Our future buried there in the

Raped earth of self doubt

Eroded by atrophy, drought

Flesh flooding tearing

Of a dream we couldn’t imagine

or comprehend at the time

at the time we dreamed it

so rapidly like a fist in the face

from out of the blue

this is your captain speaking

4 comments to ““A Beautiful Commodity””
4 comments to ““A Beautiful Commodity””
  1. First, thank you for the recording. I miss your voice.
    Me! Miss an editing opportunity? Well, I did spend half the day helping a lady get set up for a presentation at church. Gained a lunch, lost an opportunity to carp. xo

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