Ares & Athena

And there
on the edge of eternity
Immortal kin embraced
in death’s last breath
by the arrow meant
to rule the hunt
and make for mortal man
a bountiful catch.

Brother bowed in baleful weep
for the sorrow
so unlikely caused by hands of fate
now tenderly a sullen face is touched
the rose of cheek a pale reminder
of sweet Athena’s prowess
dead and cold
by his own hand.

Fingers hardened to the touch of lips
once softened by sweet laughter
garden memories now gone from empty eyes
one last embrace
a palm beneath two blades
is placed.
The Goddess of War, oh my Athena!
My sister! My heart!

My own for yours
And a thousand more
The lesser never evening
What scores there are to keep
From the fox perpetually chased
But never caught by your hounds
What forgiveness
is there.

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