The Untitled Fourth Album

Two hundred meters up

In twenty minutes


You couldn’t really call it misty

Could you, because it’s more like cloudy

Isn’t it


So you walk out into the clouds

Trusting that the road you followed around the mountain yesterday

Is still there today

Or that a new path will be revealed

Remaining calm

When everything behind you

Disappears the instant you move forward


You couldn’t be more in the now

Than then




In the space between

back there

And up ahead

There is clarity


It’s the phenomenon known as visibility

Funny how the knowable area around me

Enlarges as I move into it

With reverence


When I move forward

Into the unknown

Despite a strong desire to

Freeze up or to go back

To where I was

To what I knew was true

Only seconds before




I walked out of a house

Up a hill, through a gate and

Into the mist


Now there is nothing

I can see

To prove that

Five steps back there was

Or five steps forward

There will be


In fact, there really is no forward or back


I can trust only what I know to be true

All the way up to the point where

It isn’t anymore



Timelessness to the left

Of center


Welcome to the rite

Of expansion


One comment to “The Untitled Fourth Album”
One comment to “The Untitled Fourth Album”

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