I played on the playa all day long

She was a gentle playmate

Patient but proud

I performed cartwheels to impress her

I did!
I skipped in the sand
I ran as fast as I can
I sang out loud and smiled and cried for the joy of the water rushing through my fingers and toes

Touching all the parts of me

Saying trust me

Trust me

I cried for the fear of her

Cross legged gripping my knees

Clenching my jaw and closing my eyes

Until she passed

Rushing so
I hopped up and away from my playmate
When she got too rough
I lifted my arms to the sky and shouted
Thank you!

I raced and jumped some more and then

I sang a song to the sea as I played

A song with no words, only the sounds

Of the ocean and me
I played so hard and so long on that soft, sandy beach

I got tired and she invited me to lay down
So I did
Oh, Nirvana!
I never knew
Let the ocean wash over me
As I lay in the sand
I never felt it pull me back rolling sideways giggling

Back to the warm, womb waters of mother nature
Back to myself
Back to a me
I never knew!


2 comments to “PLAY(AH!)”
2 comments to “PLAY(AH!)”

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