The Way

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The way you look

The way you look into my eyes

With desire, desire to know more

About me, of me

The way you question

The world around you

The way you ask

Of me, about me

With a fire in your eyes

The way your passion

Ignites our interactions

The way you listen

To my passion

When it changes the topic

Of conversation, a conversation our tongues

Can only translate into kisses

The way your lips

Speak the language of my lips

The way your hands seek me

Out, find me waiting, willing

The way your weight shifts

Into me, toward me

Your attention, my attraction

Your tractor beam chest

Your arms infinitely reaching

Toward something, something better

Something more, more of me, more of you

More than that

It’s all we can take

Not to, not to fold into one

One another, another moment

The moment you enter me through my eyes

Cuddle up next to the fire and make yourself at home

In my kitchen

The way you want to

The way you lead us to the summit

The way I let you

The way you move me

The way I show you

The way you show me

How to find you

Where to touch you

The way your mind works


All the ways

We can be happy


That there is nothing


Nothing to fear

Nothing to do

Nothing to know

Nothing to seek

Nothing to desire

Nothing to claim

Nothing to own

Nothing to lose



The way

Make my day