Loneliness is a myth

I’ll be lonely today even though I know loneliness is only a myth. But, but, but… It feels so real and everyone experiences it. How can it be a myth?


It’s a myth because if you believe as I do that we are made up of energy in the purest sense, then we are constantly surrounded by more of the same and thus never “alone”. Sin embargo (however), everyone knows the feeling of being lonely in a crowded room. And everyone knows that feeling you get when the bed is just one size too big.


I’ll be lonely today because I am here living the dream alone amongst blissfully happy couples working side by side to restore a rain forest or run a tidy bed & breakfast or tend a garden/farm together. I dream of a day when I have someone to do this life with me, to have similar dreams of his own and be doing them.

w/Inner Traditions

Reforesting in Costa Rica at hacienda Rio Cote

I dream of a day when I look over and see you on the side of the hill opposite me, sweating and panting as we playfully compete to see who can plant more baby trees. The day you look over at me and share a smile of amazement and wonder as the mist rolls in around us. The moment you grab my hand on the race back down and laugh with me as we slip and slide through the mud. We get dirty together. We know instinctively which side of the basket to lift first and work in tandem to get it to the top.


We end the day exhausted and happy and just plain full up with love for the people and the earth and G-d and someone to playfully splash water at in the natural springs. We share a steamy shower after a long, hot day of good work and a hot nutritious meal and our bodies thank us for it.


As we lay in bed all clean and full and satisfied with ourselves and the simple things in life; you look into my eyes and brush a wet strand of hair from my face. You tell me how you saw the things I saw. Your life experiences paint a different picture on the canvas of the day. I learn from your perspective and you learn from mine. You know real beauty, love and happiness in a tropical paradise or a barren desert is not a place or a feeling but our natural state of being and you appreciate these things even more because of that knowledge.


And most importantly, you can reach that unreachable spot between the shoulder blades where itches always seem to happen!

7 comments to “Loneliness is a myth”
7 comments to “Loneliness is a myth”
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