Life is suffering

Feeling particularly

Buddhist on this day





Wind patiently waits

For you to pass through tunnels

Just don’t expect it





Bugs, heat, sweat, fatigue

Overcast, faint breeze, friends

I can’t complain





Tip the wide, green brim

Expose ancient mysteries

Under canopy












I never want to

Be exactly where I am

Until I get there





I never question

Why I come to see you/change

My mind, awake now





Agarita bloom

First sign of a new passion

Winter is over





But you I know not

Our first season together

Whisper me your name





Yellow and purple

Bring a rose to cheek once more

High chance of showers





Forgotten lover

From forlorn grasses you spring

Rekindling romance





Recess in birdland

Everyone’s favorite subject

Bio 101

Make my day