Coffee or Tea(se)

My tongue is fine
But I boast
Perhaps the best thing is
Not to
Or at all
When we really have it so good
We’re both rich
In the ways
Only poor men
Get to be rich
We have it all
And we have each other
Until your teeth turn blue
In the whites
Of your laundered
For instance, I really should have shut my mouth
Long enough to hear you
Say it over and over again
But you just keep on letting me in the kitchen
Where I inevitably wind up cooking something
You won’t eat
Even though it’s good for you
And I made it delicious
I know you think the only
Source of protein is meat
But it’s just not the case
And the other
Things too
They matter in the ways
Things matter to people like you
And me, not at all in the way
Of progress

2 comments to “Coffee or Tea(se)”
2 comments to “Coffee or Tea(se)”

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