Christmas Poem

As I stood there

Looking at you smile

Your teeth

A dry stone wall

Retaining my love

The waters of my eyes

Moved clouds for you

Bumping up against the furniture at night

In the dark hours

When you long for me

I am never not there

But when you smile

It’s apparent

Where the light comes from

You’re radiant


But what I really want to say

Is thank you

For the experience

That is you

Delighting the sun

With your skin

Letting me in

To you

To your temple

To sit

Gazing open mouthed

At the depths

Of your joy

So responsive

To my touch

It makes me know


In such a way

I can be certain

You exist

In the me

That is not a body

But reflects

The seasons

In the grief that is a torrential rain

Transpiration hope

Or the devastating sorrow of a two-week drizzle

Or the throat jumping fear that is thunder

Or the gut-wrenching desire that rides the gusts

Above soothing warm breezes while our

Hunters ride thermals on waves of white



But what I really want to say is


You are my miracle

When you experience me in all my forms

And accept all of them as miracles

Not trials

Not punishment

Not fun

Not entertainment

Not bliss

Not boredom

Not this

Not that

But all of it

And know that this is it

All of it


But what I really want to say is

You’re beautiful when you smile

and that I see you

I know that you exist

And thanks for building the water tank

3 comments to “Christmas Poem”
3 comments to “Christmas Poem”

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