Always More Than Enough

Of all the things

We give and take

Time, energy, money, love

Always more than enough

My favorite moments

Are when I’m alone

Remembering the heat

Of the sunshine on our backs

As we worked

Side by side


Of all the songs

You sang to me

The best was the one

I heard when life got a bit too loud

For singing

And I pressed my ear

To your chest

Where all the songs

That were ever sung


In the whoosh of your heart

Beat, like big ocean sounds

In the night and the feel of your

Arms wrapped around me was

Like sunshine on my back

Your breath in my hair

Breezily bouncing golden/copper curls

Of latent energy waiting patiently

For an exciter, a stimulus


So still the dahlia

Perched atop her long, thin stem


The best was when

You let me climb your trees

Trusted me to walk the earth

You had cultivated for better

Or worse

You’re worth it, you said

And I didn’t know what you meant by that

Until I had climbed to the very top

Reached out as far as I could

Where you held your breath

For the limbs beneath me

Harvested your best fruits

And made my way back down

To where you held your arms out

To catch me and said

Never jump with your knife open


2 comments to “Always More Than Enough”
2 comments to “Always More Than Enough”

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