World’s Best Veggie Omelet

It wasn’t the cheerful waitress.

It wasn’t the way you simultaneously flirted with me by flirting innocently with her.

 It wasn’t even that smile you gave me. The one that said, “remember last night” and projected a future filled with many more.

 It was the veggies, I swear!

And the butter, I’m guessing loads.

And was that paprika?

 It definitely was not the way you put your hand on my knee or when you needed both how your knee migrated closer to mine.

 You’re a toucher and I love to be touched.

 It couldn’t have been any of that though.

 That omelet was just too good!

 It couldn’t have been the moment you saw my hair fall across my face mid-bite and swooped in with your middle finger to brush it away as you let the other three whisper across my cheek.

 No, no. It couldn’t have been that.

 I’m telling you it was most certainly not that!

 The cauliflower had just the right amount of crunch, you see.

And the broccoli was bright green.

And the peppers were lightly grilled.

And the tomatoes were not too soggy.

And the squash…Oh!

 These are the ingredients of the perfect veggie omelet.

 Not including the fact that you said my name in at least a dozen ways I’ve never heard it said before.

 Jessica. Jessie. Jess.

 They’re all me and you know it.

Now you say, “You’re so cool.”

 And I blush but I blame it on a hot onion. Spicy too!

 You look away. It’s that thoughtful look I love about you. The one that says I’m pondering something very deep while you compose yourself and when you’re ready I can’t wait to share it with you.

 But here, let me draw it on this napkin instead.

 The perfect veggie omelet.

 Your simplicity is brilliant in the pre-noon light.

You’re magic!

How do you get your eyes to sparkle like that?

 You’re glowing.

No, it’s the peppers. I assure you.

 More blushing. More deep thought. “More drawings,” I exclaim!

 But the pen is dry.

The veggies are all eaten up and there’s a mess of yellow left on my plate.

 “Save it for later,” you ask?

 Nah, it was perfect

Enough to last a lifetime


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