The Battle for Authenticity

In love and war

they say,

All’s fair.


But drafted from the battlefield

a declaration of dependence

violence, fear and distrust

is brought into existence

Reclassified as love.


We volunteer for this.


Our planes – one minute soar

the next – shot down

Our parachutes – one minute open

the next – hung from a tree

Our bodies – one minute able

the next – taken prisoner

Our minds – one minute lucid

the next – held hostage.


But the enemy is me.


What wages war for freedom fought?




I surrender.

2 comments to “The Battle for Authenticity”
2 comments to “The Battle for Authenticity”
    • Interesting question, Jeff. I do see your point, but I think the word surrender has a negative connotation in our society. It really isn’t about losing. It’s about defeating the enemy by accepting who she has become and using those weaknesses as strengths.

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