It wasn’t Dengue Fever after all

Prognosis is leptospirosis.

A little something the jungle cooked up and rained down on me like a week in the Chamber of Sorrows before a day spent on The Machine.

The machine







And apparently this is just the part where I feel much better than almost dead before it kills me.

Meanwhile, I’m cooking up some great fever-inspired stories for ya and no worries, I got the meds.

Remember kids, “Life is suffering. Anyone who tries to tell you differently is selling something.” – PB

Be back soon.



5 comments to “It wasn’t Dengue Fever after all”
5 comments to “It wasn’t Dengue Fever after all”
  1. See what happens when you spend too much time in the jungle?
    All seriousness aside, we need you back at your keyboard again.
    Do what the Dr. tells you to do and be well soon.

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