How to eat less, do more and get what you want – NOW

As a four-year-old I didn’t appreciate my father’s advice when I wanted for something and he responded, “Shit in one hand and want in the other and see which one gets filled up first.”

As a forty-one year old though, I have the benefit of critical thinking and experience to turn that dream-crushing phrase into something that actually produces fantastic results – and FAST.

If you think about it, I’m sure you’ll come to the same logical conclusion. There’s no doubt that if you actually shat in one hand and wanted in the other, the one hand would always be full and the other well, sometimes but only maybe. Especially, if like a child you relied solely on your daddy or your g-d or your spouse or anyone other than you to bring you what you want.

Why is this? Well, for starters we have to ask ourselves where shit comes from. And the answer is we make it. Daily. Efficiently, and with pleasure. By doing something we must do in order to survive. Eat.

It follows then that if you did something every day toward the thing you WANT as if it were something you had to do to survive then the other hand would eventually have to give you an equal return.

The other option is to actually produce less shit in hand one. It’s true that we need to eat, but everyone knows by now it’s nowhere near the portion sizes we consume, nor with such frequency.

So, to sum it up. Stop eating, DO something you WANT besides kill time between your next meal and do it as though your life depended on it.

Because trust me,

It does.


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