Chapter 2 – Jungle

My body is a jungle

Of comings and goings

And when

I have travelled distant cities

Searching for the man

Who could make me forget you

Now I’ve found

I’ve gone and lost myself

In one of the hell-bound towns

On the glassy-eyed highway

Where chipmunks lose their heads

I dropped my bloody heart

On the pavement

Then three cars and a lorry

Sent my love a splashing

Into the bushes on the

Roadside where I slept

Waiting for a ride

To nowhere

From your arms

I used this pen to pick it up

And put it back in my pocket

With the kisses you blew

When I left

It will be safe there

And warm

For later

3 comments to “Chapter 2 – Jungle”
3 comments to “Chapter 2 – Jungle”

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