Be More

I want to be more like the rose

But I am not a rose

I want to be more like the tree

But I am not a tree

Nor will I ever

Be more

Nor do I wish to

Be other than

Who I am

Dark chocolate and cardamom tea

Masala mornings

Fade into coriander afternoons

Fennel me up

Stream live strong coffee

Ground down town café press

My button stop sign it over

Be my guest

I’ve been practicing

A long time for this being

Like something I’m not

To be more like me

Or whichever human

I can successfully mimic

That day

It’s good your words go with me

I follow your recipes to the letter

Let her go

There are no role models

For fallen angels

Let her fly

She wants to be more like you

But she is not you

Feed the trees

When you die

Smell the roses

While you live

Live to be



4 comments to “Be More”
4 comments to “Be More”

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