tender un puente sobre

We crossed the barbed wire
Fence that separates us
From the rest of them and
Keeps the jungle/back
To back (to) you over/me under
First there was awe and
Wonder/meant we had only
To pick the fruit in/reach
Far/from the highest hill/top
View of a natural/spring
To life/I saw you/in your
Moment of rediscovery
I’ve never seen you so –
E-a-s-y/to say when we’re
Both knee-(ling)/high in wild
Vermilion a bit more daring
Than we originally thought
But I trust/you have a good/sense
Of direction and an I for
Intuition/we both own
A sturdy pair
Of rubber boots/strapped
In/on/down the road
We paved w/dream-(s)icle/drops
On the concrete
Of directors don’t listen to the editor
I know you belong
To her now
But that’s okay
I’ll always have the jungle
And good things come in

Make my day