After the Storm

Take time to notice the new purple blossoms on the sage bushes today, dear human. It only happens after a good rain. See how clean the air is? You can see for miles and miles today. And that is exactly how it is after any storm. Any obstacle life may throw in your path. Do not fear the storms. Though they may be ever so violent and destructive; ultimately the storm will always bring new life, especially in the desert. Especially where it is needed most. Especially when we are experiencing a drought.

Take the storms of life into your heart and embrace them with understanding. Embrace them with understanding and love. They are only storms after all. Love the storms like you love your children – they are your creations. You know them best and fear them most because they’re you magnified and reflected. You can worry all you want but it won’t change the weather and it won’t change them either. Do this not because I tell you it is true. Do this because the sun is not gone, it is only hidden from your view.

Do this because – without fail dear sage – on the other side of this genius of a storm all the things that need to be will be destroyed leaving only the things you require to make life better, regardless of how you feel about it. Do this because when your brilliant mind is free of all that air pollution and your leaves are washed of all that debris the light will shine brighter than ever before and you will be able to soak it all in without even trying. As your visibility improves, the fragrant new blossoms will carry your vision miles and miles into the future instead of just across town to hazy cityscape. Do this now while you are grateful and never when you aren’t. Do this again and again because it reminds you that life is constantly moving forward whether you are or not. Do this for no other reason than because you know it to be true.

2 comments to “After the Storm”
2 comments to “After the Storm”

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