Poem for the Matrix

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Well, hello there handsome

G-d, how I missed your face

I thought for sure you were dead

when you kissed me on the mouth

I knew nothing absolutely.

The taste of certainty/questionably

inhabiting that space beneath

the place your tongue meets

mine. G-d, I can taste you

even now. I smell you on my

breath like she smells you on her

pillow. The possibilities aren’t

options. They are distinct

realities. Don’t ask me

how but you are me and I

am you and we are them and

they are us and if don’t

believe me then go ahead and

kiss me now – I dare you.

It sure is good to see you.

I never thought we’d meet

again like this, after the last time.

I never imagined it

could get better than we

were. You were. Then I was.

We are still. For now.

Soon you will awaken

again and return myself

to me fulfilling our cell-fish

odyssey to become one below the top

of the underneath of each other.

To climb the tower of babel

and jump the fuck off

that shit. To look into my

eyes and tell me how you

have no idea what I am saying

but you understand exactly what I mean

and to be able to prove

it with a touch.

I’m a chrysalis until you

wake. Hurry, it’s getting windy

and spring is for lovers.

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6 comments to “Poem for the Matrix”
6 comments to “Poem for the Matrix”

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