Looking Back

Looking back

At a picture I just saw

Of you

And she, and she

Seemed so far away

So distant

And it wasn’t just the angle

Of the lens or your proximity

To the camera

Though you did loom large

In the foreground.

And you overlooking

Not only the snow-draped

Sunset of the painted desert

But the whole of it

The here, the now

And the what ifs.

Even the space between you

Knowing what I know now

Seems in transition

In flux

And the bonding so like the

Flat palms she pressed decidedly

Upon her thighs

And the curve of her waist

So delicate, yet strong.

You have deemed her fearless

But let’s not forget

That we are all human.

Pedestals are unworthy

Of living flesh; alabaster

Or otherwise.

I see decades of happiness

Knowing now what you knew then

Looking down upon her

And the vast expanse

Of other, not so knowable miracles.

Painted Desert

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