“Is there any man before whom I would kneel?”

R. Sue’s brilliant question:
Who would it be? Can you think of one? Or three?
It’s not that I am so good or fine
But that I sense the loss of the spark divine
In whatever mortal blood it did once reside.
Jess’s answer:
The answer is Every Man
And when you find with your heart ‘nay your eyes
That he is true
Your would to will a posture finds
No less comfort in the deepest bow
From the divine in me to the divine in you.

One comment to ““Is there any man before whom I would kneel?””
One comment to ““Is there any man before whom I would kneel?””
  1. This may seems counter-intuitive at first but if you believe there is no “outside” and that everything “out-there” is simply a reflection of what is “in here” then I think you will agree you are really bowing to your own self. When you kneel at the feet of an enemy or just someone you really dislike, you are asking for forgiveness. You are not asking to be okay with their actions, you are simply observing that the actions themselves were invented by you and therefore do not exist anywhere but your own mind. When you “fore” “give” you are presenting an attitude going into the future of giving in light. You are “teaching” love. You don’t need to start out with the seemingly daunting task of loving seemingly unlovable people – all you have to do is love yourself. We are all one. We are all loved and we are all love. Some of us are just better at hiding it.

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