Dream Girl

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You met her at the park
She was the one playing
Soccer with the boys
The one teaching her little brother
How to ride a bike
The one who looked up and
Smiled right at you and
When you smiled back
Her eyes sparkled with a knowing
You’ve met somewhere before
Maybe it was that day at the fair
When you heard her laugh
And light filled up the extra room
In your skull you were saving
For a rainy day
Or perhaps you caught her
Sunbathing on a rock, supine
In something you thought must
Be bliss the way her lashes
Met one another at the lids
For a silky kiss, her golden
Hair a bit jealous now that it
Had fallen away from Avalon—her face,
Her skin almost translucent in the light
Draped in satin and dipped into a honey sweet
Stream of consciousness so thick it had more sustenance
Than oatmeal for breakfast, beading droplets
Clinging covetously to her calves
Her thighs, her hips the bell curve embracing
Her heavenly Hara, the source of her power
Revealing itself between giggles and water
Water splashes against her gorgeous body like star explosions
Creating new galaxies to orbit
That perfect female form
You can’t stop staring at
because there is something you might miss if you look away
something she has to tell you
some secret to share
that just might be too much to know
that just might put you over the edge of the falls
where you met her again
some time ago
You met her once in a crowded room
She looked after you
When you left
And when you looked back
She was waiting
Waiting to show you that smile again
The one that makes you feel
Like you’re the only person
On the planet
Who really knows
The truth
The truth is
You’ve met so many times before
In that purple sunset on the blue mountain horizon
Over the red rocks
Through the high desert
Into the ocean
Along that windy stretch of road
Somewhere between
Life and death
Where fear gets chewed up
Converted to smiles
And fed to the hungry
The poor take her alms
The sick her comfort
The weak her arm
She is Gaia
But names herself in the moment
You met once at the bakery on the corner
She has a mean sweet tooth
You won her heart with dark chocolate poses
A story about particle physics
And a submersible flying machine
With shiny tassels
on the handle bars
but not pink
because her brother wouldn’t like that

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11 comments to “Dream Girl”
11 comments to “Dream Girl”
  1. Awesome! I love the beautifully expressed thoughts and the way you express them! I look forward to reading and feeling your works. I also would have to say what a girl! I have been looking for a girl like that for many years! Thank you for sharing your gifts! ♥ Joe

    • Thanks, PA! It’s definitely about capturing the essence of true love in the deepest sense. Look inside and I bet you find the dream girl in you! 🙂

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