Chapter 1 – Unlikely Trio

There is a place

where the earth bleeds


by masticating metallic monsters.


We met inside the hollow tree.

We shared a silent repast under a harvest moon

His heavy hands cupped

my pulsing breast like mother of pearl

as noon shadowed his fingers

weaving delicate wine meanders

through my hair and throat.


Fish skeletons bleeding

on ivory plates

Lunar rays reflected in thick liquid

drip, dropped, drops


My soul’s breath taken by force

of tongue twisting whirlpool words

being sung by an unlikely trio

the moon, the mountains and you.

2 comments to “Chapter 1 – Unlikely Trio”
2 comments to “Chapter 1 – Unlikely Trio”
    • D – it already exists. Just taking the time to enter it every day and not stop or rewrite it too much out of embarrassment has been the biggest challenge! Revisiting the past in such an emotional, revealing way could be a very dangerous thing. I’m practicing looking at it from a distance and holding back judgements on quality.

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