LOOK What I can make for y’all!

It’s THAT time of the year again, friends and the 2016 Enchanted Rant Calendar is even better than you remember it.

Now it’s even easier to get JM Publishing products and services – FAST
Introducing J@M on DEMAND!


Click the easy button to make your payment.

$20 – 1st Calendar
$10 each after first purchase
DIGITAL SPECIAL: $10 (print your own)
Want it customized?
Inspire clients new and old all year round with a customized calendar featuring: YOUR BUSINESS

$30 – Custom back cover box, high-res digital file and rights to print as many as you please.

Go ahead, order now and beat the holiday crowds!

Just kidding there are no crowds,

*Watermarks shown in the preview are solely to protect the images and will not appear on the printed version. If you have ordered a digital version to print on demand, a custom file will be created for you.

5 comments to “LOOK What I can make for y’all!”
5 comments to “LOOK What I can make for y’all!”
    • Thank you, Cathy! I have updated this post with a link to BUY NOW – YOUR CHOICE of electronic or hard copy versions, PLUS I can customize the back cover to promote your business or send a special message to gift recipients! Hint. Hint.

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