The Extraction

Puede escucharme? 
Can you hear it?

First and foremost, poetry is the song of my soul. It is a deeply felt, extremely personal expression of my own individual thoughts that arose from completely, absolutely unoriginal normal universal emotions. It is the instrument with which I actualize these emotions and the score is but a subjective reflection of my generation’s canon. Played out in short bursts of consciousness, imitated in intervals; the individual parts enter and exit with varying speed and pitch in virtual chaos discarding all measure of time. The final composition can only be appreciated first as a whole and then by the sum of its parts. It is a path to the Golden Mean. To beauty. To the meaning of life. It can be played backwards or inverted with corresponding reverberance. It is liquid, dynamic and fixed upon the page by a single clef contained within the staves. Notes unwritten until they are heard. Sounds unheard until the exhale and the push and the flow of time inhales them into existence. Do you recognize the melody?

6 comments to “The Extraction”
6 comments to “The Extraction”
  1. To Jessica..

    Love and life go beyond any thought or kind,
    For time and endurance are the things life will find.

    For you, sweetheart..the pain hopefully is long in the past,
    Because self reliance, affection, eternal love, respect is how one should cast.

    Memories are not always good..the past is the past for now and forever,
    So let the sun shine in today, tomorrow and into the light..
    For the darkness out and the sunshine gleams to chase away the fright.

    So, to you Jess, my friend from the lakes, please make the best of the time tonight,.
    Tomorrow and beyond….. because my dear

    You are loved, so sincere.

    RH/17 November 2012 – 2335

  2. “…the magnetic field produced by comoving electric charges produces a focusing that reduces the dispersion of the beam of particles. One can clearly observe particles all having the same velocity in a parallel beam attracting each other due to the magnetic field produced by the velocity of the neighboring charges”. ..(gravitational acceleration of masses v. inertial acceleration of masses)


    2 particles that are travelling on parallel paths can collide when they deviate in a gravitational field warp/distortion; ie, curvature.
    Theoretically, curvature takes 2 parallel beams and converges them to a point. Yet Einstein is playing with geometry by suggesting that the norm is valid even after being distorted. Par[allelic]ity is lost upon the beams entering a warped space/time. They are no longer capable of travelling in parallel in a space where such phenomenon would be impossible.

    For all practical purposes, the world we inhabit is flat. In it, 2 beams that move in parallel will be expected to do so to infinity, as in classical physics.

    Not to dispute the findings of either quantum mechanics or of classical physics, it seems to me that an active universe in which energy is being redistributed , a kind of universal weather of highs and lows, parallelicity would seem to be impossible. It is sheer luck that anything can traverse a path without succumbing to some external influence.

    But what is a
    I cle ?
    ‘ave to another,
    never alone. Impossible
    is solitude, that being
    yet never real
    attraction guides day
    desires guide nights
    a part of this, is, a part of that
    and becomes
    a w/ ho(m/l)e, not a-part I cle
    ‘ave to another
    2 in tandem, entanglement,
    One path
    is not parallel ..

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