The Promise of Paradox

Our capacity for love and truth
Is measured
By the degree of our hypocrisy

True love reveals
How far we are willing to go
To admit
That everything
Everything we worked for our whole lives
Everything we created, birthed, constructed, protected and believed in
Is false

To bring into question
That which we have
Led ourselves to believe
all of our lies
all of our lives
All of it
Including the legend of you and me

At the height of hypocrisy
The extent of our love
Is quantified

It is proven
And if it is found to be true
The resolution, the outcome
Is directly proportionate
To our ability
To build a bonfire stack of our beliefs
To pick up a match
To strike*
Up a conversation
With the dusty glass
Of our souls
To kiss the first kiss
Friction between
Red lips into white teeth
And to inhale
The sulfur
To the ground
Where it came from

Where it came from
And where it’s going
Are not matters for us
To discuss
But we will
We do
And we are entertained
By our cleverness
By our talent to pretend
We create
To imagine
We manifest
Into existence
That wasn’t already
There before
That wasn’t



Even when we think we are
We aren’t
And most of the time we aren’t
We actually are.

So, hooray for hypocrisy
I say!

If love is the blindfold
Over the eyes of that goddess
We named justice
Wrapped in the transparent
Rope of equality
And worshiped at the altar of
She who holds the scales
In a perpetual paradox supported by the King’s Beam

Hypocrisy is the eagle-eyed visionary
Who strips her naked
Just to see
She’s made of flesh
And if he is steadfast
Tears into her breast
With a voracious appetite
For honor and duty
Finds the marrow
Encased in her bones
The tastiest morsel

June 12, 2015


Some partial explanations/revelations/inspirations

“King’s Beam” Ie. The bar that can support both scales without giving weight to one or the other. The actual machine that holds both cups.

“Hypocrisy is the eagle-eyed visionary” (an eagle is capable of seeing both near and far at the same time)

“Who strips her naked” (reveals the illusion)
“With a voracious appetite” (with enthusiasm but not malice or covetousness)

In obedience to righteousness we get to the “bone-white” where there is no personal agenda

Where true courage is knowing that everything you believe in is subject to change. It’s just a matter of time.

*How a book match works: “The friction caused by the glass powder rubbing together produces enough heat to turn a very small amount of the red phosphorus into white phosphorus, which catches fire in air.. The heat and oxygen gas then cause the sulfur to burst into flame..”

What did YOU find?


3 comments to “The Promise of Paradox”
3 comments to “The Promise of Paradox”
  1. Love is as varied as the rainbow -sometimes it burns hot -sometimes tepid embers -sometimes it disappears -grab it -enjoy it while it lasts- but never hold on too tight because then it disappears

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