“Can’t we just stay in the shallow end?”

Time is the thinnest blade

We shared it sharp

Shaving Dalbergia

An oily quarter turn

On the band you saw

Smelling of roses

This Friday night and decided

You’d cut yours from the top

Mine(d) a little deeper

Struck dumb in the know(ledge)

You recall(ed) 7, 114 or 72,000 times ago

Cor(responding) to a scale

Of dimensionless quality

Producing a note

lower gravity specifically

Characterizing a pitch

A pitch you threw

Away for good

For good measure

Measured in frequency

A sound theory

Over waves of molecular harmonics

I laminated your toughness

Over(tones) of longing no longer

No longer than the one

The one neither creates.

But for the one who excites

The one who neither creates nor destroys

But has the power to change

To change everything as you know it

As you know it, five fingers equals five ways

My pinkies are yours


Our twin sides cut from same


Hip to grain

On either side of the pull

Adequately figured

Calculations adjusted for dark matter


The side we share

Opens to the match(less) flame


Make my day