This poem is not about bacon

You wrapped your lips around
My kiss
And dove in
Head first
First thing this afternoon
Our mourning accomplished
We were widowed once
Once more
More again
In love with ourselves/the cells
Of one in many
in one of many
Outside reality/inside the truth
So deep
You’re not quite sure if -(you can)/wrap
Your head around it
It feels so good
How can it feel so good
The minute you arrive
It begins
It begins to end
Step your shoes off
over my threshold
We come to(o)/multiple conclusions
Regarding connectivity, energy
Oh, G-d it can be so fierce
When we meet
When we meet again like the first time
The first time we leaned in
We leaned in with open mouths/minds
to listen

2 comments to “This poem is not about bacon”
2 comments to “This poem is not about bacon”

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