Sun Salutations

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I waited all day

For you to come down/chin up

To my level of consciousness

To inhale that faultless moment

Preceding your disappearance

Between two mountain/tops

Topped off with a green flash

Between knee-cap pinnacles

Exhaled over the horizon line

When you go down I come up

I come up from my day

I come up from experience

From experience, I know you

I know you will return

You will return always tomorrow

But you won’t always ad(dress) me

(Un)dress me

The day after

The day after the night she rules

She rules your tides and mine

But it doesn’t matter

What matters is

I venerate you then/now

The way your light penetrates

My flesh before we dive

Into the darkness

In the day we take postures

We take postures over the one

One passing

One staying with the other

In time to come when she leaves again in the morning

In the morning turning

My back on the direction you left me

You left me this last night

A gift in the dark spaces we inhabited only briefly/eternally

So dark I could not see

I could not see the gift you couldn’t give to me

Give to me the revelation

The revelation the decision

Not to see

Not to see you anymore

To replace the seeing with a knowing

To forgo touch, taste, time and

It’s been a pleasure, a pleasure to know you

To know you will be there always tomorrow

Always tomorrow/when you come up

I go down

To worship

What’s your individual potential to create wealth?

8 comments to “Sun Salutations”
8 comments to “Sun Salutations”
    • I’m so glad you like it, Frodo. The best part is, I’m in LOVE with all of these poems. To be honest, I don’t think I really had a “style” before this. Now it really seems to be coming together and feels like it just keeps getting better than I thought possible. XO!

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