Poema para los Nubes/Poem for the Clouds


It’s been six years now love. Never thought I’d be writing to you again like this, but along came these cotton candy Maxfield Parrish skies and I am compelled.

I love how the clouds all roll westward in the evening as if they’re going home for the night. I find it comforting to imagine it’s under your power they fly.

Ya volando! (Up, up and away!)

The darkness doesn’t come

So much as the light goes

The time it does not pass

So much as the hands of the clock

Take their turn at the wheel

The world doesn’t spin

So much as roll along with the tides

Passing favors to the dead

Not so much gone

As new

Permeable shockwaves

Irresistible to those of us not left behind

So much as still learning

Not so much sad

As it is true

That love is not a thing to be celebrated

That there is nothing new

That we’ll keep failing

That the sun doesn’t rise

So much as re-enter our sight

But at least it does so

It’s something to count on

Something to believe in

When everything else is so

Dynamic, ever-changing


This too will pass

Make my day