Poem for Coffee

(To: Linda & Glenn)

I fell in love with you again today

I have to admit, it’s be(a)n touch and go

I’m sure you will agree we were in a bit of a holding pattern

Just sort of… percolating

Not that I’m not committed

To running off the side of a mountain

With you on my back

I’m brand loyal that way

It’s just nice to know we have the option

To land midfield before approaching

Right base for final

Even good consumers need choices

Perhaps this has made us complacent

No one likes a weak cup of coffee

Not to mention, the fact that I could have you every day

Three, four times a day any way I want

Does leave an aftertaste of fruitlessness

There’s a fine line between death and desire

Called familiarity

Remember when every cup was perfect?

I guess even bliss gets boring after a while

Having met the Buddha

And killed him, bludgeoned and beheaded

Several times now

You’d wonder how many lives we’ve

Got to learn

How many times

We think we know

A thing

A person

A feeling

Sad to say how the taste of even freedom

Gets old

Grows bitter in the mouth of self-righteousness

I fell in love with you again today

Not because of anything you did

Or said

And not because I know you any better now

Quite the opposite in fact

I fell in love with you again

Because today you proved


As much as you tell, share, open, confide, trust or show me

As much as I think I’ve seen, known, revealed or discovered about you

I will never know all of you

That your capacity for surprising me is so vast and deep and incomprehensible

I could spend several thousand lifetimes

Learning you and only get a glimpse

Of your undeniable exquisiteness

There! Where the lights surrounds you

And makes a halo of your hair in the flower garden

Then! When in the dark you lift the lid

Of(f) your treasure(d) chest

To show me what you’re really made of

You can trust me with those secret jewels

Those city lights, that foggy night

You sparkle under the story of how you got made

Through heat and pressure

And fire and cold

And violent matings of minerals

In this lifetime

And let me polish your brilliant flaws

To a shine

With mine




Costacalle drinks Café Naranjo and you can too!


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