In the big, round circle of water

Engulfed by land

On three sides

The high rise resort(ed)

To inhabitants of a human-kind

Enough but not resplendent

Their vigil(ant)e children

Making hand-signals

To the locals in the center

From the right

Where no one would soon

Be left to their own (de) vices

We swam waterless above

Et al, it all, at all

So very clear to/o

Those of they who had

Seen afterall before

The have nots

Biding in time to the

Savage beat of their own next

Second hands first

Queuing up in the latest

Serpentine fashions

Our knowing of the ledge

A pre-carious foothold

In the slightest breeze-

Way of a bay, a foal

The whinny of a neighbor

From the past(ure)

Your eyes the color of salt

Omniscient a virtue aforementioned

In hind-sight

M-(a)y/an asteroidal pro-fessions

Com(e)-pressed again(st)

A found/ry/o’ fear factory profundity


Your Mother’s Tongue flayed

85% darker than the glass

Melangerie you grazed at

As a child in awkward arms

Knee length-high top pedal pushers

Waiting for an initiation

Into faith out on a limp

truth far beneath

where it all began

they just started ending.

Make my day