Man, oh man

I’ve been looking for you

Defender of the underdog

Builder of dreams

Thinker of thoughts

Beyond my comprehension

But just at the cusp of determination

off the cuff of realization

Somehow I thought you’d be taller

Somehow you are taller

Taller than the numbers on your profile

Your profile predicted

You would take some getting used to

But you already take up

An inordinate amount of space

In my head, and my heart

And my heart it races to the next

Page trying to get you to follow

the music as it’s written not

How you think it should be read

I used to make-up my own songs


No one could play along

That’s what good about rules

And structure

It keeps everything on the level

On the level of truth

Of truth we speak

We speak not until we

Close our mouths to listen

Make my day