I killed a bug while doing yoga today

I’ve been programmed to believe that is wrong.

However, in the moment it felt like a perfectly fine thing to do.

I do not regret my actions, though I do have some remorse for the poor critter whose life I shortened though probably not considerably since insects tend to have very short life-spans comparatively speaking. It did pass my mind that I was doing a service of some kind.

I have a healthy sense that I was an instrument in passing. I don’t have guilt. I don’t feel used, but I don’t feel unaffected either.

I thought about killing it. I considered the consequences. It never crossed my mind to capture the thing in a glass jar with a plate underneath like I usually do for scorpions and tarantulas. It was not dangerous or large or too fast for me to catch. It was just there.

It was just there at that precise moment when I was able to reach my shoe (which is usually behind me, out of reach) with one hand while maintaining my balance, kill the thing and continue with my practice.

Afterward, I did think one thought: I killed a bug while doing yoga today.

2 comments to “I killed a bug while doing yoga today”
2 comments to “I killed a bug while doing yoga today”
    • I’m glad you enjoyed it, W. As it turns out I was compelled to capture and release a large and rather heinous looking jumping spider just after that post was published so… Who knows what that was all about. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention it was a roach I killed. Hmmm.

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