For Johanna

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You know it’s going to

Be a perfect day when

Sun shines on your laundry first thing

Before the rains begin again

Light from the curtains

Brushes your hair back

From your forehead

Like mother’s morning touch

Her peoples’ call

Sweeps over hillside pasture

Glistens gold on coffee, converses with cane

Lingers long in the cleavage of the voluptuous mango

Whispers weather predictions to the attentive avocado nearby

While laundry lines reveal last night’s secrets/before noon

More species in a minute or a lifetime/somewhere else

Nature is keen on herself in a new dress

Sprouting diversity from destruction where thought meets

Reality in the simplest form/you plant seeds

From finished fruit, from that place in your mind

Where desire meets detachment

Just to see it grow/with no regard for the outcome

I took a step outside


And never left it

Until the rain came again

Yellow secrets retracted

fading to white/light on your face

like a smile you didn’t even know

you were wearing

until someone said so

Then being observed, it grew

What bliss in elemental design/disproves humanity

Last year, we prayed for rain

And this, your tears

A miraculous recovery

Laughter in the organ/pipe of

True intimacy, no one

Laughs like you/without

Knowing why/I let myself

Go/arrange the day

So I can be/with/you

Life is simple

You drink rain, smile sunshine

Your breath is the warm blanket

My mother used to tuck me in at night

Her face raw from the cold

Last year, we prayed for rain

And this
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11 comments to “For Johanna”
11 comments to “For Johanna”
  1. Favorite by Rod McKuen:
    Caught in the quiet.
    Off on our own.
    Coming together.
    Staying alone.
    High school graduating class motto:
    The past gone forever.
    The future still our own.

  2. Beautiful. There is something magic about hearing it read to you. Like parents reading bed time stories to their child. Nurturing, inspiring words from the ether.

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