Chapter 2 – Tonight

Tonight Toni and I were given the grand tour of Jasu’s bakery. Sweets for the sweet and coffee. Returning home again we watched Dead Poet’s Society dubbed over in Finnish. Would love to go to that school. Be challenged like that. Belong in that way. Perhaps in the morning these thoughts will leave me. We shall see. Besides, it’s really quite a futile wish to learn anything here except the language or how to survive in a foreign country. That’s not much. Or is it? Why do I find myself without the proper words to express it? I ask a lot of questions these days that never seem to be answered.

A leather jacket with red lining

Keeps us warm

But why is the lining red?

Why is it that a silver spoon gets hot?

And cats always sit on what we have

In our laps?

Fashion, Kinetics  and Attention.

I can answer these few.

But what moves my brain

To ask this of you?

What exactly is

The unspeakable?

Where do its limits range?

Why do apples grow on trees

And carrots in the ground?

What is language?

What is sound?

Is what we feel that which we touch?

Do we taste what we smell

When grandmother’s cooking

Entices us?

Does anyone not listen to a clock tick?

The unknown –

You knew I would inquire

Does true love burn like fire?

Or does it glow?

Will I ever know?

How did eternity come to be?

Is this some sort of obsession with me?

And finally –

What is a question?

2 comments to “Chapter 2 – Tonight”
2 comments to “Chapter 2 – Tonight”

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