Chapter 2 – Call for Success

So simple

Avoiding confrontation

As if it were some kind of

Communicable disease

So easy

To live under someone else’s name

Never believing

All that eyes do see

Judge and prey

Lock and key

Life like sport

Devoid of time outs

Or practice games

Apples rot if not


Muscles wither

If not used

The old dinosaur never needed forearms

Babies crying fists clutched

Mouths agape

There is no world

To the girl at bat in the last inning

Save that of the field

No goal

Except for the far fence and beyond

Out of reach

Within bounds

No people

But the opponent on the pitcher’s mound

Maybe an umpire

Calling the second strike

The third ball

Life isn’t always a home run

Or even a base hit

Full count

Sometimes we have to play the cards we are dealt

Correction – we must play that hand

All of the time

Still – it is possible to win

Without any aces

A handful of hearts

Wins much more than money

Heart full of life

Replaces the faceless

Call for success

Make my day